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Explore a classic sales cycle in Dynamics CRM to get familiar with Project Service Automation and explore its features


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1 week, 3 days

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June 28, 2021
1 week, 3 days

What you'll learn

  • Perform CRUD Operations on CRM records
  • Import and export data from Dynamics CRM
  • Working with Dynamics CRM using Outlook
  • You will learn to install and Configure PSA.
  • Understand to navigate and understand the Project Service Automation Solution components
  • You will be able to give a demo to the prospect showcasing the capabilities of Managing Projects within Budget.
  • Learn to become the administrator in organization to configure the CRM with PSA Solution
  • You will be able to understand the deeper impact of PSA to the organization who manages the Professional Services.


  • Basic understanding of project management principles is needed.

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